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Duke University

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Goal: Reconnect and engage alumni at events to help raise $3.2 Billion

How they use TINT:

  • Fundraising
  • Alumni Engagement

Duke University is in the midst of a $3.2 billion capital campaign to raise philanthropic support for the University. In order to do this, the Marketing and Communications team has developed a series of events around the world, 'Duke Forward On The Road,' where they take faculty and staff and reconnect them with alumni, parents, and friends.

Reconnecting these individuals helps them remember their experiences at college, and see how valuable their contributions will be going forward.

The events often include a renowned speaker followed by cocktails or dinner. Duke uses TINT to display social media feeds on projection screens during event to give context to the campaign and to encourage people to post about their experience and what they have learned.

“The goal of the event is to drive engagement and to reconnect alumni with the University. I know TINT has been a primary player in achieving those objectives.”
- Chris EndicottAssistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Duke University

By using incentives - like a signed football or basketball - the organizers encourage people to post to social, which in turn make them feel more connected to the University and more likely to donate. TINT’s mobile app makes it easy for organizers to moderate the feeds live during the event.

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