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Experiences worth remembering are experiences worth sharing. Your guests are already using social media to share their vacations with friends and family. 70% of travelers update Facebook while on vacation. Harness all that social sharing with a branded social hub on your website, lobby screens and guest events. TINT is the most user friendly and customizable social hub, trusted by hotels worldwide to turn enthusiastic guests into your marketing force.

52% of travelers change their original travel plans due to Social Media. Shouldn’t that work in your favor?

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Increase Word of Mouth recommendations

TINT looks great in lobbies, guest rooms, and event spaces. Guests love seeing their posts on the big screen, so reward them with their 15 minutes of fame.

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Increase booking conversions with fresh content

Your website is where guests will form their first impression, and decide whether or not to book. Fill your pages with authentic content from your guests and generate higher booking conversions.

Enliven your events

Create a social hub in minutes and use it for your weddings, parties, and conferences. TINT can take all the social conversations and put them on your big screen.

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