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Experiences worth remembering are experiences worth sharing. Travelers are already using social media to share their vacations with friends and family - in fact, 70% of travelers update Facebook while on vacation. Pick the most beautiful pictures to entice would-be visitors with a curated Social Hub. TINT is the most user friendly and most customizable social hub, trusted by tourist destinations worldwide to turn enthusiastic visitors into an unbeatable marketing team.

52% of travelers change their original travel plans due to Social Media. Shouldn't that work in your favor?

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Run contests

Encourage visitors to hashtag their best photos for a chance to win a free trip the next time they visit.

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Get visitors sharing photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture shared on social media can reach thousands of people.

Turn tourists into evangelists

Most advertising is one to one. When visitors talk about you on social media, its one to many. Let them recommend your destination to their followers and enjoy the free advertising.

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