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TINT is the most powerful and trusted Enterprise UGC platform in the world. TINT lets you find, curate, own and display authentic user generated content across all your marketing campaigns, websites, apps and displays to increase trust.

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  • UGC Content
  • UGC Content
  • UGC Content
  • UGC Content
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  • UGC Content
  • UGC Content
  • UGC Content
  • UGC Content
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  • UGC Content
  • UGC Content

One solution to bring the right content to your audience at every touch point.

Here’s how TINT helps you leverage UGC for all your marketing needs.

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Social content aggregation, curation and display made easy.

Here’s how brands use hashtags, geo, keywords, @mentions and more to find the right content, personalize it to be just right and engage with their audiences.

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    Collect Content
  • Curate Content


    Curate Content
  • Get Rights to Content

    Get Rights

    Get Rights to Content
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    Brand Content
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The world's most powerful UGC platform.
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We built TINT to make leveraging UGC easy.

From shoppable content to machine learning to rights request and dynamic displays, our features support any UGC needs.


Speed Up Image Curation

HUE uses advanced machine learning capabilities to analyze every post in your TINT and deliver deep insights into your audiences’ content.

Learn more about HUE

Rights Management

Easy Rights Management

In the age of GDPR, repurpose user-generated content legally and safely throughout your marketing channels.

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Create Shoppable Storefronts

Increase purchase conversions with shoppable call to actions on user-generated content.

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Build Dynamic Displays

Use our signage solution to create combinations of branded media alongside fresh customer-generated content.

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Integrate with your stack

Connect TINT and the rest of your marketing stack to automate your workflow and give you the best results.

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Integrate with Facebook Facebook
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