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What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About Content Marketing?

There’s no denying that content marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy- without content, we have nothing. But, while 88% of businesses plan to… Read More

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Social Media Debate: Snapchat VS. Instagram Stories

In the spirit of the upcoming presidential debate, we decided to host our first ever Social Media Debate on Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat. Which platform allows… Read More

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38 Mind-Blowing Stats About User Generated Content

Marketing trends never stop changing, and it feels like there’s a new hot buzzword every few months that dominates marketing strategies for a while before… Read More

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Businesses Of All Sizes Can Now Use TINT To Engage Their Community On Snapchat

With TINT, you can begin a Snapchat campaign and social display today for a fraction of the cost of Snapchat’s limited advertising options. Read More


Why our Social Media Startup chose to integrate Slack in 2 days

We integrated the popular messaging app Slack to our platform in 2 days. Here's why we did it. Read More

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Advanced Analytics: Setting and Hitting Your KPI’s

Learn how to use your TINT Analytics to set benchmarks for your social campaigns. Read More


Startup Growth 101: Building a Sales Pipeline That Doesn’t Suck

The problem almost every seed-stage SaaS startup faces is finding qualified sales leads.  Setting up a solid sales pipeline for your startup can be like… Read More


How To Become A Stronger Storyteller In 2016

Content marketing is no longer a trend, it’s the way brands speak to their audience. With attention deficit on the rise, everyone is out to… Read More


How to Unleash Your Social Media Strategy in 2016 | Webinar

Watch this webinar to get strategies to carry out your social media campaigns from the top down. We cover creating your campaign, logistics of setting your… Read More

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TINT’s Book Release: How Hashtags Changed the World

Hashtags are just a symbol, a pound sign, #. But it has revolutionized the way we communicate, from speech patterns to political movements; from advertisements… Read More


8 Puns Successful “TINTerns” Should Embrace

I’ve been a Developer Intern at TINT for the past 4 months. As my time as an intern here at TINT is coming to a… Read More


From 0 To 10,000: How Top Brands Grew Their Online Communities

How did some of the top brands build their community from scratch? What can you learn from their stories to grow your community? We rounded… Read More